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The advantages of steel


The strength and resistance of steel makes it an exceptional material in terms of durability and therefore economy.

High impact and deformation resistance allows steel to be used in most large constructions as the main element of the supporting structure.

In metal joinery, made-to-measure steel locksmithing, these advantages enable us to provide our customers with highly reliable and solid products.


Its high resistance to deformation gives steel a major advantage in steel constructions.

The possibilities in terms of creation become unlimited and we can therefore create unique models of doors and windows that will adapt to any type of opening.


Steel has a very long lifespan, so investing in it over the long term is very profitable.

Energy savings are also to be taken into consideration because of the thermal advantages of steel.


Because it is important to think about the ecological aspect during the study of a construction project, choosing steel as a material becomes an option not to be neglected.

Indeed, steel is infinitely recyclable without diminishing or degrading its properties, and is therefore one of the materials with the least amount of waste. Because it can be reused over and over again, natural resources are, in conclusion, protected.

Manufacturer of steel doors and windows for more than 10 years

The flexibility and great resistance of steel allows for the design of multiple shapes, thus creating unique and durable models.

Our constructions can be adapted to all types of openings such as windows, doors, verandas…

Choosing steel for your projects means choosing a solid, reliable, economical and eco-friendly product.

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